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Mobile Apps
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Android | iOS | Fushia OS

Global guidance

Do you want to launch or improve a mobile service for your customers or employees?

Take advantage of our experience on strategic projects on a very large scale to quickly develop a robust and state-of-the-art solution that is at the forefront of technologies and developments in User Experience.

Native multisupport development

Performance, fluidity and ease of use, full leverage of the device features… Enjoy the benefits of native developments!

Whatever the target, smartphone, tablet, TV or Watch, we are seasoned experts in native development of mobile applications under iOS, Android and Fuschia OS.

Innovative solutions

Faced with a technical puzzle? Eager to propose the best possible solution in view of the state of the art in a specific field?

Founded by Jean-Marie Geffroy, a researcher at INRIA, Mantano is now recognized as an innovative company and enjoys CII accreditation. Road traffic analysis system, low-cost Video on Demand (VoD) system, raw materials trading, language learning, e-book distribution, reading software… We are always happy to take up new challenges.

Skills & Key strengths


  • Mobile and Web Apps
  • Automatic app generation
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Data synchronization between devices
  • Fault-tolerant systems
  • Multi-channel e-commerce


  • Java, Kotlin, Android
  • Objective-C, Swift, iOS
  • Dart, Flutter, Fuschia OS
  • Groovy, Grails, SQL, Firebase
  • XML, XSLT, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3,
  • C, C++, Python


  • Super-agile process
  • Continuous integration
  • Automated deployment
  • Validation workflow
  • Skills transfer
  • Global support

Focus: Assimil
Learning Apps

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Mantano has designed an innovative e-publishing & distribution solution that allows textbook publishers to transform their existing contents into highly interactive and addictive apps. It automatically adds interactivity, turns them into mobile apps and publishes them on the iTunes and Google Play markets, boosting their discoverability and audience. Almost automatically, with very few manual actions!

Discover the collection of iOS and Android apps that Assimil, the famous self-study language learning publisher, has created with this solution.

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They trust us

Do you have a project?
Do not hesitate to explain your needs and let’s find together the best solution!

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