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Mantano has created an innovative solution to produce digital versions from the original paper based editorial workflow for the famous french editor Assimil.

Assimil is the pioneer of self-study language methods. It offers a new way to learn: an original and effective method based on the principle of intuitive assimilation.

With more than 40 millions of users, Assimil methods are available for more than 40 languages as printed books and MP3 files.

In order to help Assimil smoothly embrace the digital publishing revolution, Mantano has created a global solution to produce and distribute digital versions from the XML original files used for the paper based editorial workflow.
Highly interactive “e-methods” are produced from the same XML files as the printed books. The available output formats are:

  • Multiplatform applications with mobile et desktop versions : more than 20 already distributes in 3 chanels
  • Online applications (already deployed in more than 100 libraries)
  • Epub 3 ebooks protected by LCP DRM

As on all our innovation projects, we have created a platform that makes Assimil fully autonomous to create, publish and update new e-methods.

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