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Let’s create smart solutions together

Mantano means “I am learning” and it is not just a name: we are constantly learning from our customers and are committed to intensive technological survey. This is what allows us to help you by designing cutting-edge, efficient and robust global solutions.

As Steve Jobs pointed out, to limit oneself to giving advice is to deprive oneself of the essential dimension of realization, and to avoid the consequences. That is why it is rare that we do consulting without ourselves participating in their implementation: we assume our responsibilities!

Global Solution design

Mantano means “to learn”, and it’s not just a name: we’re constantly learning from our customers and doing intensive R&D. This is how we can support you by designing cutting edge, efficient and robust global solutions.

Innovative traffic analysis systems, low-cost non-intrusive Video-on-Demand systems, assets management, commodities trading, language learning, ebook distribution and reading systems… We’re always happy to dive into new challenges.

Our customers praise our innovation power and delivery rate and we struggle to continue deserving it!

Technological choices

Not sure which technology to choose? We can assist you and by defining the best flexible and evolutive architecture and picking the most appropriate technical components. Simplicity, performances and maintainability are our obsessions!

Interested by a brand new technology but lack time to evaluate its appropriateness to your organization and projects? We can assist you, and provide guidance in migrating in case of positive diagnostic, by defining a new architecture, training your team and overlooking your project progress.

Project management

Straight to the point. No ceremony, just the appropriate key procedures, scheduling, communication,  tooling and… fun! Delivering high-quality stuff quickly is big fun and we love sharing this fun! We’ve always surprised our customers with our exceptional delivery rate and we struggle to constantly raise the bar.

Assign each teammate the most appropriate role, improve his skills or train him, keep him over-motivated, leverage the personality differences and expectations: many levers to work in a good mood and maximise efficiency!

Through team building, project auditing or project management missions we can help you reaching the next level in quality and delivery speed!

Our Founding-Consultants

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Jean-Marie Geffroy

PhD in Computer Science, Paris VI University. President & Founder at Mantano and board member of the Readium Foundation (IDPF/W3C) and EDRLab.

A thorough technical knowledge resulting from more than 30 years of high-level Computer Science and Software Engineering including theoretical training and research work on Compilation and Algorithmic Optimization, Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition and Robotics. 

After 15 years of research in the CS Laboratory of the Ecole Polytechnique (Labo LIX), and INRIA, he now focuses on the development of innovative projects. He worked as a consultant for companies and startups from 1999 to 2006. He also taught in the Army and then at Universities, Engineering Schools and Professional Training Centers for 15 years.

His background combined with unleashed creativity and long experience allow him to always surprise and make the difference. You have a crazy and exciting idea but think it’s impossible to achieved? Before abandoning, contact Jean-Marie, he may prove you it’s possible and also push it to the next level!

Jean-Marie has a hard time hiding his enthusiasm: the more challenging your projects, the more fun he has…

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Technology evaluation and choices, Innovative project evaluation, Prototyping, Performance Optimization, Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, Robotics, Software Agile Architectures & Methodologies…

Karina Ordonez

Master in Computer Science, Paris-Dauphine University – Master in Aesthetics Applied to Multimedia, Panthéon-Sorbonne University

A global and thorough vision of projects resulting from his double artistic and computer training and an experience of more than 20 years in Project Management, ergonomics, design, e-marketing and development.

Project Manager at Mantano, Karina can support you with her expertise in the design and implementation of your digital projects in all phases of your project. Her insights, professional rigor and transparency allow her to deliver at an exceptional rate with high quality.

Some say it’s an AI, maybe it’s true…

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Global Solutions Design, Technical Team Management, SEO, SEM, Technical & Functional Requirements, Project Management & Tracking Tools, Mobile & Web apps, UX Design…

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Some Customers

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Case Study: Paper books into interactive multi-platform apps

Mantano helped Assimil to create and publish interactive applications from the  XML files used for its paper editorial chain.

  • Design a user-friendly  interactive app from the paper method content
  • Create a solution which automatically creates an interactive book from a collections of XML and audio / video files
  • Automatically converts the interactive book into multi-platform apps:
    • Web
    • Desktop (Windows & Apple)
    • Mobile (Android & iOS)
  • Publish the mobile apps through Google Play and iTunes
  • Sell from a website
  • Track sales on different channels
  • Centralize and manage customer support

Discover the collection of apps Assimil, the famous self-study language learning publisher, has created with this solution, for iOS and Android.

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