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Mantano – Innovatione solutions for ebooks distribution

White label reading apps

Our Bookari reading apps are recognized as the very best ones compatible with the Epub 2 & 3 and PDF ebook formats. We’ve paid a lot of attention to every detail. On iOS and Android, they will fulfil your expectations, and beyond.

The optional additional cloud-based services provide advanced bookshelves and annotation synchronisation, and support flexible sharing models.

If you are a bookstore company, a school or just a group of friends, they will help streamlining your content distribution process and feedback collection.

Your white label reading apps can be compatible on demand with the LCP, Adobe or SonyDADC DRM technologies.

Multi-channel distribution platform

Our Digital Warehouse is based on the standard ONIX format and centralizes your ebook catalogs, including metadata and files. Compatible with the major hard and social DRM technologies, it will deliver ebooks to your customers or users in a very seamless way, thanks to its tight integration with our reading apps.

Our distribution platform can also protect your ebooks with the LCP DRM, a non-intrusive DRM developed bu the Readium Foundation.

Customized to your brand, it will be unique and allow you building a loyal customer base without invest into software development.

You can also integrate your catalogs into our own store, and create your branded store such as

On-demand innovation

Mantano is member of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), a founding member and executive board member of the Readium Foundation and the European Digital Publishing Lab.

Thanks to its strong worldwide reputation of excellence and technological creativity, our Lab has become the innovation partner of choice on strategic digital projects for world-class companies. On your innovation projects, we always create bleeding-edge solutions that give you a strong competitive advantage leveraging your existing assets and workflows.


Mantano solutions can bring your corporate or technical documents to life. Share your contents to your teams and they can comment and discuss directly on specific passages of your PDF and EPUB files, without editing them. A great way to add value and grab knowledge! 

Schools & Universities

Mantano means “to learn”, and it’s not just a name: our solutions are used by many students, teachers and researchers who need a reliable and powerful collaborative solution to work on their textbooks.

Publishers & bookstores

The Mantano solutions rely on the ONIX and OPDS standard formats. Protect and sell your ebooks catalog and increase their visibility to mobile users without investing into software development.

New ! Transform interactive contents into apps
Our new innovative distribution solution transforms your interactive contents into mobile apps and publishes them on the iTunes and Google Play markets, boosting your discoverability and audience.

Your contents can already be interactive Epub 3 books, or collections of XML and audio / video files. Once transformed into Epub 3 if needed, use our web-based tools to package and publish them.

Discover the collection of apps Assimil, the famous self-study language learning publisher, has created with this solution, for iOS and Android.

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