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Mantano, the gift of tongues!

They’re out! Our first series of 12 self-study language learning apps is available, for iOS and Android! Mac OS and Windows will be available soon, too.

Big days for us…

Developed in partnership with Assimil, a famous French publisher, they rely on 89 years of experience! Created in 1929 by Alphonse Chérel, Assimil has quickly become a reference for the efficiency of its “Effortless” methods (“Without toil” back then…), based on an extremely intuitive learning process. Assimil is a mix of humour and seriousness, very well summarized in the world-famous sentence “My tailor is rich” which was the opening of the first dialog of the very first method published. Jean-Loup and then Yannick Chérel and his sisters have perpetuated this great family story and kept the flame alive, updated the contents to remain state-of-the-art and of course diversified the catalog. These methods are still the very best-in-class as the best polyglots can testify!

From people moving to live in a new country in need of a quick dive into a new language or just anyone eager to open their mind to a new culture, Assimil has allowed more than 50 million people to discover new languages. Assimil’s fantastic catalog covers an exceptionally wide range of languages, from mainstream ones to less common yet interesting ones such as Swahili, Wolof, Khmer, or even Tibetan!

Based on a rock-solid body of lessons, we have created apps that allow full control over your learning, providing you with structure and guidance but also the same level of freedom that you can enjoy with your print books: follow the main progress flow but also easily jump back and forth to review a lesson or a grammar topic. With these apps you’ll never feel like a baby!

An Assimil lesson takes approx. 30–40mn:

  • You start by listening to a complete conversation, which trains both your listening and your intuitive understanding since you don’t know all the words — it’s even better not to look at the text during this first discovery;
  • Next you work on each sentence: play it then repeat it, aided by the text, translation and any related notes;
  • Finally you train your memory with exercices that recruit both your memory, grammar skills and, again, intuition.

Thus, you learn the way a child learns his mother tongue — you “think” in the studied language from Lesson 1, but you also leverage your adult’s efficiency at grabbing and assembling rules that will be required to create your own sentences!

Vous voulez essayer? Möchten Sie es versuchen? Vuoi provare?

Your first 7 lessons of 100 are free ! We’re carefully listening to your feedback and welcome the dialog.

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